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So not much more to update.

Still in pain and no job; I doubt I'll get a job until I back, to be truthful I don't really want one right now. I've started to volunteer again at where I was before the accident. I was surprised they even wanted me back after so long. Especially since I've reduce the amount of time I'm doing there; can't really managed a full day - who am I kidding I can barely managed an hour but I'm good at hiding it.

I've sort of lost my inspiration for writing at the moment - really starting to enjoy reading again (even with a headache) so keep up the good work. Trying to find some creative writing lessons or groups to join to see if that helps. Though most of what I have found have already started lesson wise and I doubt I'd be able to start half way through.

I've actually been looking at a retreat instead, I found the Avron Foundation, it's supposed to be well respected and they have grants so it might be perfect for me. Here's a link - tell me what you think?