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The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap
By Kymley
About: Kevin, Scotty and Paige. With hits of Sarah aswell
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Kevin and Scotty fall for the worse Parent Trap idea ever but where did Paige get the idea from. Spoilers 5x05-5x07; mainly 5x07 though.

Paige is scrolling down the TV guide; she is bored and has a couple of hours before she is planning to meet up with Amy.

So goes over the earlier conservation she had with Kevin and Scotty; had she really believed that she would be able to fix their problems. She knew what had happened and still interfered – she really was a Walker; she smiled at that thought.

Then a film caught her eye; she hadn’t watch The Parent Trap in a while. It might be funny seeing the young version of Lindsay Lohan. She clicked on play and started to watch the film.

It had only just begun when she got slightly confused “Mum” she yelled and Sarah came into the room.

“Yes, chicken” Sarah said.

She frowned at the nickname but let it go “Is this another version of The Parent Trap or just another film with the same title?” slightly confused.

“Um” Sarah said looking at the television “This is the original”

“There was another one?” Paige said feeling slightly stupid for not knowing that.

Sarah laughed and said “Most of the films nowadays are remakes, honey. This one was the version we used to watch when we we’re your age. It’s got Hayley Mills in; it was one of my favourite film when I was young” sitting down on the couch with her daughter.

Paige was enjoying the film and by the end of the movie she had a plan to get her uncle’s back together.


The film ended and she turned to her mother and quickly reminder her of her promise to take her to Amy’s house.

“Yes, I remember” Sarah said; actually forgetting but she doesn’t need to tell her daughter that “why don’t you get your stuff together and will go”.

“Okay, I need five minutes” Paige said as she ran up the stairs.

As soon as she is in her room she pulls out her mobile and rings Uncle Kevin first, asking him to drop by. Then once she hangs up she calls Uncle Scotty and gets him to come over too.

Sarah had been waiting downstairs for a couple of minutes and decides to quickly check on Paige; she comes to the door and hears Paige hang up the phone and then talk to Scotty.

She is about to go in a tell her not to do anything but something stop her; maybe forcing them (and by them she meant Kevin) to actually speak to each other would be a good thing. She loved Scotty; still might not quite understand everything that went on with them but she saw him as part of the family and even more a good friend.

She figured she can stay away from home for a bit longer and warn Luc to do the same as well.

She went back downstairs and waited for Paige.


She ran into the school room, happy and prepared for her debate.

She had managed to get them back together; though she knows realistically to she didn’t really get them back together. She was going to take credit for it though.

She quickly spots her Mum, Auntie Kitty and Granma and ran over to them “They’re here” she quickly said before taking her place on the stage.

The three women looked at each other confused; at least confused until they saw Kevin and Scotty walking over to them holding hands and smiling.

Scotty was slightly shy as he approached the women but he wasn’t going to let anything stop him from being with Kevin; never again.

The End

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She knew what had happened and still interfered – she really was a Walker; she smiled at that thought.

oh oh! so true!!!

The joy of being a Walker

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