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Graduation in France

Graduation in France
By Kymley
About: Who else but Kevin and Scotty, with Daniel and Olivia – oh and a surprise appearance from someone else.                                                                                 
Rate: PG/13
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters of B&S.
Summary: This was started a while ago. A future fic for those that like them.

“Paris, we’re really going to Paris… as in France, Paris… with the Eiffel Tower and the clothes and everything” Olivia said shocked when she got her graduation present from her Dads; four tickets to go to Paris.

“Well, as long as you can put up with us coming too, the whole family” Kevin said smiling, looking at his daughters’ shocked expression and enjoying it very much. He looked at his husband, Scotty and winked at him, glad they had decided on a trip to France before Olivia went off to university. Following in the steps on her cousin Paige, after a few years of being with them, Olivia had turned out to love clothes and now she wanted to design them for a living; so what better a place to go than Paris, the fashion capital of the world.

“Of course… I just can’t believe it…” Olivia had yet to get over her shock of the present and then knelt down to her brother, Daniel was growing up fast now; it wouldn’t be long now until he turned into a proper teenage boy but for now he could enjoy the sites of Paris “How about it, Danny Boy… we’re going to Paris” Olivia said smiling.

“Yes” Daniel said and punched his fist into the air and then started to run around the loft singing “We’re going to Paris” over and over again.

Kevin went over to Scotty and hugged him from the side and watched their family, Daniel running around and Olivia on the phone telling the news to everyone.


“We have to go up to the top” Olivia said looking at the Eiffel Tower and then looking at the queue to enter the Tower “I mean… it will be a long wait” and she turned to look at her family behind her “Who comes to Paris and does not go to the top of the Eiffel Tower?” she asked. It had been the same reasoning she used to go clothes shopping, to go to Notre Dame and a number of other places.
Both Kevin and Scotty were feeling the trip but one look at Olivia’s excited face and they just couldn’t deny her anything and she was right – particularly on this one – Scotty had said the same thing about the food and he had booked a number of different restaurants to go to throughout their trip. He was actually wondering why he hadn’t booked one of them in the Eiffel Tower; oh well.


The view from the top of Eiffel Tower was well worth the wait and trip up the Eiffel Tower; they just made sure that Daniel didn’t get too close to the side, very protective of him. Scotty picked him up to give him a proper view of the city but he got heavy quickly and Scotty wasn’t as muscular as he used to be.

“Wow” Olivia exclaimed about the view “It really is beautiful” she continued as she pulled out her camera to take some photos from every angle she could take. She twisted around; amazed that she was here and it was all thanks to her Dads for adopting her. As she was turning around, she took in all the people around her and suddenly her movement stopped as her glance stopped on one person; a person she thought she recognised.

She quickly turned around looking for her parents and for Danny in particular; they had their backs to her and were pointing out places and monuments to her brother. She looked back at the woman and though it had been a long time since she’d seen her; Olivia was almost certain that it was her. The woman now caught her not looking but staring at her and Olivia quickly recovered and nearly ran to her family.

“Scotty” Olivia had said her fathers’ name; something she hadn’t done since she was a kid. The use of his name and the frantic tone in his daughters’ voice made Scotty swing around quickly with Kevin following shortly afterwards; something was very wrong.

“Liv, honey, what is it?” Scotty said looking around to see if someone had hurt her but all Olivia did was point behind her.

“Is that who I think it is?” Olivia asked praying that she was wrong but then she saw the excitement of the trip drain from her parents faces.

‘Is that who I think it is’ the question rolled around in Scotty’s head as his mind had found the target of Olivia’s finger and with a moment of recognition he quietly cursed in his head because it was.

She watched as her Dads did that silent talking with each other; the concern wrote across their faces and they decided what to do with the situation that arouse. There was a nod of heads and then they were talking to her “Olivia, take your brother and go and stand close to the security guard; no need to discuss anything with them yet” there was heavy weight on the word yet.

She took hold of Daniel’s hand and walked to the guard; she didn’t approach him, all she did was stand in the area closest to him and she didn’t let go of her baby brothers’ hand whilst she watched her parent approach the women who had nearly destroyed their lives.


Michelle looked at the young lady staring at her and tried to figure out where she had seen her or meet her. She was an attractive young woman; so she could have modelled for her company. Though the look on her face told Michelle that it was doubtful; so she dismissed her and turned back to discussing with investors of her handbag company.

“Michelle” she heard her name being said by a voice that she could recognise from a mile away and it was as if yesterday that the man had spoken it; when in actuality it had been many, many years. Then she suddenly knew who the young lady was and why there was a look of disgust, which she could recognise now, on the young woman’s face.


Michelle looked around at her investors, this was the worst time for this to happen; she was just talking to these people about expanding her growing company. If they found out what she had done… but then again if Scotty was here and with Olivia that meant that her Daniel was near as well.

“Um, excuse me… for a moment” Michelle stuttered at the people all around her and turned around, first seeing Scotty and then Kevin next to him. She started to looking further around but the view of Scotty and Kevin coming closer to her blocked the view of everyone else; especially the one person that she would have loved to seen. It had been so many years since giving up Daniel that she sometimes managed to believe it was just a dream. Then there were days where it was a nightmare, where she can’t believe that she gave him to Scotty and Kevin or where she hadn’t even lied to them and she was still in Daniel’ life in one form or another.

They stopped before they got too close to each other; close enough to her investors that if the conversation was overheard her company could be in ruins by the end of the day. Fashion was a very tough business; you are nothing but your reputation.


Scotty watched as Michelle recognised him; saw the fear in her eyes and the hope as well. He looked at Kevin and silently said that Michelle wasn’t going anywhere near their son.

“Michelle, what a surprise” Kevin choked the words out; hatred and a clear sign that it wasn’t a good surprise to see her. He stood slightly in front of Scotty knowing that the hate that he felt was nothing to the betrayal that Scotty felt.

“Scotty… Kevin…” Michelle’ voice was timid as she spoke but her eyes still searched the near area looking for Daniel.

“You’re not going anywhere near him, so stop looking for him” Scotty said simply and calmly “if this is some… sought of set-up… so that you could get to him, then you have got to know we wouldn’t let you anywhere near him” all the years of being with Kevin moulded Scotty into a man that could speak as a lawyer “his birth certificate was changed when you weren’t heard from and now it says who his parents actually are. No more custody battle in the eye of the law you are nothing to him” Scotty stood straight and tall in front of Michelle even though he was quivering inside.

“I…” Michelle looked back at her investors and then forwards to Scotty again “I’m here with people that want to invest in my handbag company” she was shaking as she spoke; if she had known they were there she wouldn’t have bought them here.

“Ah… more people to invest in your company… the company you started with the money we gave you to be are surrogate… is that the same company” Kevin asked calmly but his voice had raised during the conversation and people were started to change their view from that of Paris to the three people talking “the money that we saved and used to start a family that you ripped away from us” the lawyer was growing stronger in Kevin with every second of staring at Michelle.

“Can… we just talking about this somewhere else?” Michelle looked over her shoulder “please” there was desperation in her voice.
Kevin moved forward slightly and whispered “Don’t know the real you, do they?” he moved casually back to his original spot with a small smirk on his face “you nearly ruined our life, why shouldn’t we do the same as you, you took both the money and our baby” Kevin eyes glazed over as the memory of that time bounced back into the present, the pain of losing their child, the pain of knowing he was alive and out of reach and the lost time that they would never get back.

“Because you’re better than me” Michelle looked around again and finally saw Olivia holding on to a boy’s hand; he looked so happy, he was blissfully unaware of what was happening between the woman that bought him into the world and his parents “because I have to live without him and with what I did to you and what I did to myself. I loved him but I also loved you and if I could change it I would but I can’t; don’t make the same mistake I did” Michelle was nearly crying; that time in her life was full of regret which is why she doesn’t like to remember it. She had tried to move on with her life but the memories followed her and she has to life with them; she knew that these two men in front of her were good men and that they would regret their action.


Scotty and Kevin looked at each other, they could destroy her life if they wanted to but the truth wasn’t they didn’t. They didn’t need to, they had the life they always wanted, with a look behind them showed their daughter and son; the life they had built together. That moment of loss without Daniel had made them stronger in the end and they’ve had years together as a family.

With a look at Michelle and the people around her both Scotty and Kevin turned around and walked to their family and the only life they ever need.

The End
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