kymley (kymley) wrote,

Finding Love

Finding Love

By Kymley
About: The Walkers
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters of B&S.
Summary: Looking at the loves of the Walkers’ life.

Written for Love Bingo
Prompt – Finding Love
Word Court – 509

Finding love hasn’t been easy for any of the Walkers, finding that true love that everyone wants but very few actually find; some keeping looking for it, some stop looking and some just settle for what feels good enough. Not the Walkers though; they don’t except anything but the real thing.

Sarah thought she had found it with Joe; maybe she had but she also pushed Joe away with the fact that she wanted to change him. Then she had a fling and he turned into the love of her life, maybe because she had learnt from her mistakes with Joe and once she found Luc again she knew exactly what do to. Just except the person that you love for who they are; it was a simple concept that had taken longer to figure out than it should have.

Kitty had settled for a long time with Jonathan, it wasn’t until he had asked her to marry him that she realized that she was settling; she wanted that everlasting love. She had held on tightly to him even once she had figured it out; until she was ready to let him go, because they both deserved better. She had found her true love with Robert, their relationship wasn’t perfect but it had worked and it was perfect to her. Then the car crash had happened and she felt that piece of her die with her. Seth had come along and he might not be the love of her life but she loved him deeply.

Tommy had lost that true love, Julia. Julia would always be the one and he had her and let her go. He had it all, the family and the love of a good woman and he messed it up. He’ll regret what he did to her for the rest of his life.

Kevin has found it, the love that everyone wants, he found it in Scotty. Though they had a few false starts, they just kept coming back to each other. Nothing could separate them now, they were the type of couple to grow old in each other arms; watch with amazement how their children grew up and had their own children. They had the type of love, that even through the bad patches of their marriage they would still keep coming back to each other.

Justin had found it and then lost it, just as Kevin had, until Tyler came back into his life. His time with Rebecca had been all drama, nothing simple but with Tyler, he could just look at her and see their life together. It all unfolded in his head, the wedding that they would have, the children that they would have and how even once they were old, they would still be next to each other forever.

Each child had learned about love from their parents; watching how they were together, the love that shown from each other and no amount of affairs or disappointment in their father would erase the image of how their parents were together.

The End
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