kymley (kymley) wrote,

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

By Kymley
About: Daniel and Olivia
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters of B&S.
Summary: Future fic; Olivia finds Daniel in her room.

Written for Love Bingo
Prompt – Picture Card - Yelling Kids
Word Court – 626

“Daniel, what the hell are you doing in my room” Olivia yells as she is home earlier than predicted and she finds her brother in her room. He is on her bed and it is then that she notices that he has something in his hand; something that looks very familiar to her, her diary and she can feel the rage inside her starting to form.

Daniel looks up guiltily; he had been caught doing something that he knows is wrong but that he couldn’t help himself. He just had to know what was in the book that Olivia has with her most time and he is part of a Walker; he just couldn’t help himself.

He throws down the book onto the bed and then makes a run for it, he is short and fast; he glides past Olivia even though she is standing in the doorway and he runs to find one of his dads. Once he finds one of them, he knows he is safe; they will protect him.

Olivia chases after him, he is fast but Olivia is also a quick runner, with all the sports she does, she knows that she can catch him.

“Come back… you little” Olivia is yelling whilst she runs after him; though she just stops from swearing at him as she is that angry with him “you little rug rat… I am so going to kill you” Olivia says as she catches up to him; one of the advantages of being taller, she has larger strides than him.

She is just about to catch him, around the neck if she had a choice, when one of her Dads show up, damn it but she can’t help herself and she does grab hold of him.

“Got you now” Olivia says as she tightens the grip she has on his arm.

“Dad” Daniel screams unnecessarily as Scotty approaches both of them with an unacceptable expression on his face, he doesn’t like it when his children fight. Kevin on the other hand had grown up with siblings and won’t get involved unless it gets too violent; thinking that it is good to let them argue sometimes. Out of both of them showing up Olivia wished it was Kevin.

“Let him go Olivia” Scotty said with his voice that said it was not to be argued with.

Olivia let his grip disappear but then defended her actions “He started it” Olivia said with an angry look at Daniel and then she threw that same look at Scotty.

“What did you do Daniel?” Scotty said; it wasn’t that often that Olivia would get this angry or upset; he could tell that this anger was formed from something that had truly upset her.

“I read her diary” Daniel said smugly and got a smack on his other arm from Olivia at the mention of her diary.

“Olivia stop it” Scotty said but he could understand why she was upset; it was a personal object and even Kevin and he did not know what was in that diary

“Daniel apologize to your sister” Scotty said looking at Daniel harshly.

“I’m sorry” Daniel said sarcastically and Olivia went to grab Daniel again but Scotty was faster and stopped anymore fighting from occurring.

“Daniel, go to your father; I’ll be there in a minute” Scotty said and waited until Daniel left to face Olivia “I’d advise you to hide it a bit better Liv, you know that he will try again” and then he leans forwards and gave he a kiss on the top of her head. Then he followed to where Daniel had disappeared to.

Olivia turned back to her room with Scotty’s voice still in her head; time to find a good hiding place.

The End
Tags: daniel, love bingo, olivia, scotty

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