kymley (kymley) wrote,

Finding Each Other

Finding Each Other

By Kymley
About: For a change it is Tyler and Justin.
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters of B&S.
Summary: Tyler and Justin dance at Sarah’s wedding day.

Written for Love Bingo
Prompt – Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Word Court – 533

Justin twists Tyler around in a circle; watching as her beautiful’ face lights up with every turn. It might be Sarah and Luc’s wedding day but Justin’s focus was on the woman in front of him and it was at this moment that he realized he was in love with her; maybe he had always been and he hadn’t stopped being in love with her. It was the reason why he hadn’t given up trying to get that date with her when he saw her again; she was the love of his life. She had left when she and he knew that they weren’t going to work; that was hard on both of them.

They were ready now, both secure in who they were and what they wanted in life and at this moment they wanted each other. Tyler smiled at Justin’s smile, it was contagious, the way he turned her around as they danced; made her feel free and young. All her worries disappeared, no doubt about being with Justin, not thinking of her ex but just living in the here and now.

After the last turn Justin pulled Tyler towards him, hugging her form against his own and started to sway with her; he hadn’t felt this good in such a long time. He wanted this feeling to stay forever and he gently moved his face close to Tyler’s own face, not for a kiss but to whisper in her ear.

“So… will you be my girlfriend?” Justin said his own eyes fluttering close as he takes in the smell of her; strawberry, the smell of her shampoo and it drifted him back to the memories he had with her. The late mornings, the close contact, laying in the bed and watching the sun hit her back in the most perfect way.

Tyler giggled at the question, it sounded so funny, when both of them had been married and everything that they had gone through the first couple of times, girlfriend and boyfriend didn’t sound right to describe them; they were already so much more than that.
Justin pulled back at the giggle; he looked at the amused face of Tyler and knew that girlfriend wasn’t the right way to describe Tyler but he just wanted to know that they were both on the same page. That they were together now and that was how they were going to stay and he waited until she stopped her giggling and answered.

She looked at Justin, nodded shyly and then said “Will you be my boyfriend then?” she couldn’t help but find the whole conversation amusing but she played along away.

Justin pulled Tyler closer to him and kissed her deeply and thoroughly and then pulled back sharply and looked Tyler deeply in the eyes “Does that answer your question” without even waiting for a response from her, Justin dove back for another kiss.

Instead of all the eyes being on Sarah and Luc; there were quite a few on Justin and Tyler; as their kiss lasted so long and once they parted they couldn’t help but have the biggest smiles on their face, so excited about what the future held for them.

The End
Tags: justin, love bingo, tyler

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