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Unresolved Part 17/17

Unresolved – Part 17

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Set in the episode Resolved because they still got back together too quickly on the show so I’m filling in the gaps for myself.

The song I mention is For Blues Skies - Don't Strays Sleeps; here is a link:

Thanks for reading and comment - Hope you've enjoyed the ride J

The next few days Scotty felt that he was on ecstasy and he was waiting to come down from his high. He had decided an early night was in order; he couldn’t help but enjoy rediscovering his husband’ body. He knew that Kevin was already in their apartment but he was surprised when he went upstairs and the apartment was dark.

Scotty went to switch on the lights but before he could Kevin came running out of their room and quickly stopped Scotty in motion “Wait, no, no, no, not yet” Kevin rushed as he took Scotty by the hand and led him to the sofa. He made a motion for Scotty to sit and stay where he was.

Scotty watched on with confusion but also excitement; he could see that Kevin had planned something, not sure what but he couldn’t wait to find out. He watched as Kevin rushed around the room lighting candles (he hadn’t noticed the candles that had been placed around the living room; about 30 of different sizes), a sweet vanilla smell filled the room.

Kevin then went to the CD player and switched it on, he obviously had a CD already in the player and it switched on to an unfamiliar song and whilst it started to play Kevin walked over to Scotty and gave him his hand as he said “Can I have this dance?” Scotty could see Kevin’ eyes twinkle and Scotty excepted his offer and when they were eye height he said “Like you even need to ask” and Scotty let Kevin lead him to the middle of the room; it was only then that he realized that the furniture had been moved to make enough room for them to dance. “Kevin had put a lot of work into this sweet gesture” Scotty thought romantically and the music started to play.

It's been a long year since we last spoke
How's your halo
Just between you and I
You and me and the satellites
I never believed you 
I only wanted to
Before all this what did I miss?
Do you ever get homesick?

Scotty pulled Kevin closer to himself; these last two years, he had never felt so homesick, even though he was home. Kevin was also so close to him but never quite within his grasp; Scotty held him tighter.

I can't get used to it 
I can't get used to it
I'll never get used to it 
I'll never get used to it

Remember that night among those same stars
We're in a red car you were sleep at my side
Going in & out of the headlights
Could I have saved you? 
Would that have betrayed you?

Kevin brought Scotty closer returning the tight grip; he never wanted to let Scotty go again. That was one of their main issue; Kevin had let Scotty go, lost their connection and now that it was back, neither men were willing to lose it again.

I want to burn this film 
You alone with those pills
What you couldn't do I will

I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you

For blue blue skies 
I forgive you

Kevin was holding Scotty so tightly to his body that he could just hear Kevin’ words “I do you know” and Scotty moved his head backwards and waited for the next words from Kevin “I do forgive” and Scotty could see nothing but honesty in the words, his expression and his eyes.

Scotty didn’t have to ask “Really” because he could see it in everything that Kevin had done and was saying; maybe even over the last few days is why he felt so alive. Scotty hadn’t felt this alive in ages. It was at this point that Scotty knew that everything was going to be okay, actually better than okay, great or maybe even perfect.

He gave Kevin a quick kiss on the lips and couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear; it was the words that he had been waiting to hear for so long and still felt that he didn’t quite deserve but he was taking hold of those words and holding them tightly to him.

“” Scotty said as he kissed Kevin in between each kiss. He ran into their room, leaving a very bemused Kevin standing in the living room, he was tempted to run after Scotty but he also wanted to know what Scotty was up to; so he stayed put.

Scotty came dancing into the room, with so much joy that Kevin’ already huge smile somehow managed to get even bigger, then grew curious with what Scotty was holding. Scotty reached Kevin’ and produced the leaflets and pamphlets into Kevin’ eye line and Kevin laughed happier.

“Kids?” Kevin asked for confirmation though from the information in front of him showed him that Scotty had been planning on adopting or fostering for them for some time.

“Kids” Scotty confirmed with a nod; Scotty couldn’t help but think about them all the time since their heated argument but Scotty was determined to wait until Kevin was ready. So he started to collect information from different sites and agency for the time when Kevin forgave him.

“I love you so much” Kevin said and he didn’t have to wait long until Scotty repeated the words back to him.

The End

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