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Unresolved - Part 16/17

Unresolved – Part 16

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Set in the episode Resolved because they still got back together too quickly on the show so I’m filling in the gaps for myself.

“I’m not sure” Kevin said and he heard the intake laugh and huff that Scotty made at the comment, Kevin at this point did look at Scotty “I just don’t know how we can expect for us to be okay after everything we have gone through; how can we really expect to stay together after everything we’ve gone through” Kevin looked directly at Scotty when he said the next part “I really do love you but this...” he said as he points to them “; I just can’t see us being together” he continued as his eyes started to water “we were watching that film and all I could think about was that we used to be that happy and then it all disappeared; that’s both of our faults but I just wonder if we are destined to not be happy. We keep messing things up; from the moment we meet and the break ups; maybe we shouldn’t be together” Kevin stated, he really couldn’t see how they could be together and that hurt him more than anything.

“But we kept finding ourselves back in each others’ lives; doesn’t that show you that maybe we are meant to be together, that even if we break up, we are like magnets and we keep coming back together and we can’t stop it” Scotty said honestly; he was finally understanding Kevin’ opinion of everything that happened last night. He took hold of Kevin’ hand held them tightly in his own “I love you and you love me; maybe life is that simple. We won’t go through anything like we did in the last two years, I love you too much to every come that close to losing you ever again; I won’t let us, never, you can push me away or pull me close but I’m not giving up again” Scotty continued “we can be anger or hurt at each other but that doesn’t mean we have to lose each other. I promise never again”.

Beth was probable the only person in the room that knew what Kevin was going through, well not exactly knew but understood the emotions and reactions, she had see it in couples before and she was happy to see it happening so soon in this couple.

The couple had stopped talking and instead was in a comfortable silence when Beth spoke up “So, this is good” and the couple immediately looked at their forgotten witness.

“What?” Scotty said taken back “how can this be good” as he gestured towards Kevin and the conversation they had just finished.

“This is the turning point” Beth said calmly as she held the couples attention “this is one of the final stages of grief that I explained at the beginning of your visits here” they both nodded but said silent “this is the depression stage; where Kevin is mourning what happened, the loss that was created and how things might not ever be the same again” they both looked sad at the possibility that things might not return to how they used to be “even though things might not be the same again; usually thing are better. You’ve gone through such a difficult situation and most couple come out stronger and I have high hopes that they will be for you” Beth summed up.

Beth could see the tension that had been released during their session and the hope that was clearly displayed on their faces.


The next couple of weeks were a rollercoaster of emotions for Kevin; times where he really did feel that their relationship wasn’t worth saving, he sunk deep into his depression and he couldn’t see or find a way out of it.

They had gone back to sleeping in their bed together the night after their meeting with hope in their minds but every morning Kevin would wake up with worry on his mind; doubt piercing his mind and heart. Could they really get through this and everyday Scotty would try his best to convince Kevin that there was nothing that they couldn’t conquer as long as they had each other.

It was the little things that Kevin appreciated most; the kiss on the forehead, sweet and delicate, making sure that Kevin survived on more than just coffee, the sweet ‘I love you’ before turning over and holding Kevin as they went to sleep (a cocoon of comfort and safety).

The first time Kevin heard Scotty say the words ‘I love you' after he knew about the cheating there was a plead in Scotty’ voice that couldn’t be denied; the need to believe the words, the desire that Kevin would say them back.

Now, though, the words were comfort and confirmation of the truth that Scotty did indeed love him.

At some point, a moment that Kevin couldn’t even place himself, that Kevin accepted Scotty’ love, the truth in his affair and the act of the affair itself. He woke up one morning and the pain wasn’t there anymore, he could barely believe it himself but he understood what was happening; he was finally over his grief and that excited Kevin more.

Kevin woke up first, a rarity nowadays due to his work schedule Scotty was up first normally, and he leant over and kissed his sleeping husband. No thought about anything but how lucky he was to have to have this gorgeous, sweet, honest and loving man in his life. He didn’t want to waste anymore time in past; he just wanted to focus on the future.


Scotty woke up; did he imagine it or did Kevin just kiss him. He hadn’t been woken up by Kevin in the morning like that in what seemed like forever. He carefully opened his eyes and prepared for this to be part of his imagination but once he opened them he saw a smiling Kevin looking at him.

This time when he looked at Kevin he could see all the way through him; his eyes and feelings weren’t a mystery to Scotty anymore, no more obstructed eyes, just Kevin looking at him and he smiled a delicate smile back to Kevin.

He moved closer to Kevin and pulled Kevin close to himself with his free arm latching behind Kevin’ back. Kevin gladly moved at the slight pull Scotty had made; he wanted to be as close to Scotty as he could possibly be.

Scotty could feel the urgency in Kevin but not the desire that had be there previously (when he was trying to stake his claim on Scotty), it was the urgency that had been there before the crash, the need to be with each other that felt so strong that neither of them could deny it. Scotty had no idea what had happened to Kevin, unlike last time, this time Scotty didn’t need or want to know, he was just glad to have his Kevin back and he hoped he would stay.

It was at this point that their alarm went off, sounding a new day, Kevin groaned as he pulled himself off Scotty and slammed the clock until it switched off. Scotty couldn’t help but laugh at his grumpy husband being interrupted whilst trying to seduce Scotty; not that he really had to try.

Kevin rolled back over to Scotty and pulled him down to his body and continued until Scotty had to admit that work was needed; he was just glad that his work was only downstairs because he was likely to be late. Especially once he announced that he need to have a shower and Kevin stated that he was going to come with him.

End of Part 16

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