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Unresolved - Part 13

Unresolved – Part 13

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Set in the episode Resolved because they still got back together too quickly on the show so I’m filling in the gaps for myself.

N/A – I’m back, the story is pretty much finished – just some work that needs to be done on the last chapter but there’s a few chapters to go; haven’t quite decided how many. Had a bad day of pain but figured you guys deserved some update. Story so far – counselling, Kevin stuck in the bargaining stage of grief; in reference to the show this chapter starts before The Rhapsody of the Flesh. Hope you enjoy it J

“Saul, do you really have to leave” Scotty asked, more like  pleaded, how was he supposed to handle the cafe and attempt to fix his marriage at the same time and then Justin asked if he could do some double shifts to earn extra money to pay for his paramedic training.

“Scotty, this has been on the books for months, time to relax before the busy period starts. We are fully booked for Christmas so this is the perfect time” Saul noticed Scotty winced at the statement of perfect time “I know that it’s a hard time for Kevin and you but I can’t stop my life every time there is upset in the Walker family. It took me a long time to start thinking about myself and putting myself first; I have you and Kevin to thank for that but I have every hope that your marriage can survive anything” Saul said sincerely.

“But, back then, Kevin had promised to cut back on his work to help out and with Justin only just starting we are asking for a disaster” Scotty sighed; he could understand what Saul was saying but it didn’t mean that he had to like it.

“You’ll be fine; aren’t you good now?” Saul asked, from the Walker gossip mill he thought that they were planning for a family soon.

“We’re okay... at least for now... good and bad days” Scotty said exhausted; Kevin’s process of grief was going well but he was still stuck in the bargaining stage, where his emotions go from one extreme to another.

Last night had been one of their better nights; after they had gotten rid of Kitty, Sarah (the house phone) and Justin (Kevin and later Scotty’ mobiles) they had continued kissing until the early evening where hungry had gotten the best of them. No talking had occurred in those hours but just a rediscovery of each others’ bodies; soft touches and whispered moans, though nothing further than kissing and touching over clothed areas had occurred. Though Scotty wanted more and he could tell that Kevin wanted more, for those hours it was what both of them needed. Scotty smiled at the memory.

Saul could tell that Scotty was flash backing into a memory, he was tempted to wake him out of his day dream but the smile on his face stopped him. He hadn’t looked so happy and peaceful in such a long time that he didn’t want to see it disappear.


“I’m a bit nervous about this” Kevin said over the phone to Kitty.

“What’s to be nervous about” Kitty could understand the reasoning behind it.

“Because this is his area, his passion and the last time I was supposed to help and support him in the cafe, he...I...” Kevin didn’t explain further “I’m just worried”

“Well that is completely stupid Kevin” Kitty got slightly annoyed by her younger brother “You’re going to be there because you have to help manage the place, Saul normally organises this, you’re good at organising things; you and Jason did my engagement party in less than a day. Second, you’re working on your issues together, right?” she asked and didn’t have to wait long until Kevin said “of course” so she continued “thirdly, Scotty isn’t going to make the same mistake again” Kitty said confidently.

Kevin could hear the certainty and confidence in Kitty’s voice, Kevin doubted himself and Scotty “How can you be so sure?” Kevin asked showing his vulnerability in the situation; he wasn’t sure even if it was Scotty that he didn’t trust or himself.

“Because idiot he loves you” Kitty said calmly “seeing the guilt and pain that was all over his face the night of the charity event; he isn’t going to put you or himself through this again. The regret and love he showed at Paige’s debate; you could see the relief that going through his body when you moved back in and was really trying to fix everything. Idiot” Kitty said getting annoyed; everyone could see how the guilt, pain and love on Scotty except for Kevin.

“I don’t want to let him down again” Kevin whispered “I love him too much” he couldn’t let them go back to the dark part of their marriage. He thought about after the miscarriage rather than the affair because that was the catalyst for every mistake that happened in the last year and a half.

“Then what are you doing talking to me instead of Scotty” Kitty complained “go get to work and find your husband” she didn’t even say goodbye as she hung up on him.

Kevin looked down at the phone in his hand and barely noticed when Scotty came, tapping on the door of his office.

Scotty didn’t enter the room until Kevin looked up and smiled at him; a genuine smile that reached his eyes. It nearly made him back away; he hasn’t seen that smile in a while, he barely recognised it. He pushed past his feelings and towards Kevin; not sure what to actually do now that he was standing next to Kevin, everything felt awkward.

Scotty eventually returned the smile but didn’t move any closer, instead he went into head chef mode “Are you sure you can handle doing Saul’ job whilst he is at the wine convention” he made it a statement rather than a question. No one said “No” when he was in his chef mode; not even Kevin.

Kevin couldn’t help but let his smile become even bigger; it has been a long time since Scotty had used that voice on him, the one the Kevin can’t refuse and the one that makes him become horny. At least now he knew that Scotty was just as nervous as Kevin was; he used that voice to make himself become stronger or in a situation where he doesn’t have full control.

“Yes, should be a interesting day” Kevin said; though he never expected to find his younger brother in compromising situation throughout the day, including hearing that he had kissed Luc’ mother, the flirty batter with Scotty in the kitchen, that Justin knew his name of his penis or that Luc’ mother was in a French movie.


Kevin had told Justin the truth; that they had both good and bad days; he wanted today to be a good day so after he heard about the movie he thought that it might be a nice idea for Scotty and him to have a private time together and watch it.

He brought the movie and found it funny that apparently they had sold a number of copies of the same film today; he guessed that the rest of the Walkers had bought a copy as well.

He knew that Scotty had been taking extra time off work the last few weeks or was it a couple of months; Kevin did the maths in his head, yes it was definitely a good eight or nine weeks since they had started therapy and even longer since he had found out the about the truth. He was surprised at how well they had been doing lately. He hadn’t brought up the kids idea again but it was still heavily on his mind. His emotions had been all over the place but the last week or so he just wanted to stay happy and calm with Scotty; it was as if they’re were in their own little bubble and he was waiting for it to burst.

He was waiting for the bad days to happen; like a flick of a switch. He knew that Marcus was still on his mind but he had been able to push him to the back of mind and keep him there; at least for now.

He was so focused on his thoughts and on auto pilot that he hadn’t even realized he was back in the cafe and heading up the stairs until Scotty was basically yelling.

“Kevin!” Scotty nearly screamed; he saw Kevin come into the cafe and had attempted to say hello but hadn’t even gotten a response. He knew that Kevin wasn’t ignoring him; they had been getting along well, especially lately; yesterday was fun, with all the gossip that was occurring as a result of Luc’s Mum. Though yesterday showed that Kevin and he shouldn’t work together it also felt that they were really starting to become them again. 

Kevin jumped at the sound and turned around on the stairs so quickly that he nearly fell down them; if it wasn’t for his quick reaction of grabbing hold of the banister then he would have fallen down the stairs. Scotty ran up the stairs and was helping Kevin balance himself in moments.

“Scotty; you scared me nearly to death!” Kevin nearly screamed as he gasped for the breath that he lost in the shock of his husbands’ voice.

“I was calling after you since you can in” Scotty explained worried about Kevin; it was quite obvious that Kevin was his own head but he would normally come out of it when he saw or heard Scotty.

“I’m sorry; just thinking” Kevin said but he knew he didn’t have to explain anything to Scotty, Scotty knew him well enough to not need an explanation.

“Anything you want to talk about?” Scotty asked; they had been talking a lot lately and Scotty hoped that Kevin wouldn’t stop now; he didn’t want to go back to Kevin as a wall.

“Maybe later” Kevin said not wanting to discuss Marcus, the cheating or his emotions for one day; he just wanted it to be just Scotty and himself.

Scotty decided to let it slip for now; they were talked out and he was needed back in the kitchen soon but he would talk to Kevin later.

“Scotty, can you finish earlier today; I thought I’d cook and we could watch a movie. I just got the French movie that Luc’ Mom was in; thought it would be nice to have a quiet night in and relax” Kevin asked nervous; he hoped Scotty like the idea.

Scotty smiled softly; it had been a long time since they just relaxed and enjoyed themselves; everything had been so forced lately and though this was slightly forced Scotty couldn’t help but love the idea.

“Yes” Scotty smiled at Kevin “I love the idea” glad that it was Kevin’ idea rather than his own.

“You sure you can take the time” Kevin asked; he didn’t want the cafe to suffer as well as their marriage.

“Angie was asking if she could have some more manager’ experience; so it’s perfect timing and I’ll be just upstairs if something important happens” Scotty explained; he got excited and then he heard his name being called he quickly leaned over and gave Kevin a kiss on the forehead; it had become their new gesture over the last couple of weeks; loving and simple.

“I’ll see you lately; what time do you think food will be done” Scotty asked as he back away from Kevin and headed down the stairs but still faced Kevin.

Scotty could see Kevin doing the maths in his head “Um, should be done by 7ish” he guessed; it would give him enough time to prepare the food and tidy himself up as well.

“It’s a date then” Scotty smiled and felt the butterflies in his stomach; he knew he’d have to finish at least by 6:30 so that he could quickly shower and change. He ran back into the kitchen and knew he’d have to spend the next few hours focused on food and cooking.

“Angie; your will be in charge from 6; I’m taking the night off” Scotty said happily and the rest of the staff could see the change over the last couple of months; Scotty was starting to become happy again. It was no secret about the cheating and the issues that Scotty and Kevin were dealing with but they could see the couple coming together again and they were happy to see their boss happy.

End of Part 13

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