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Unresolved - Part 11

Unresolved – Part 11

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Set in the episode Resolved because they still got back together too quickly on the show so I’m filling in the gaps for myself.

A/N - For Yingyang - hope you like it. We could all deal with a nice scene :)

Scotty walked away angry; he slammed the door to prove how angry he was at Kevin. Scotty understood that Kevin was going through the emotions but sometimes Scotty wasn’t sure how much he could take from Kevin. When he was in denial at least he knew where the relationship was; this however was tugging at emotions he never knew he had, everything hurt.

He knew that Kevin didn’t really mean the words; at least he hoped so. There was however truth in the first sentence; Scotty had a tendency to walk away when things got difficult or weren’t going his way.

Maybe working would help Scotty through his emotions; cooking was such a systemic approach that he didn’t really even think about what he was doing whilst he was actually doing them.

Of course, it wasn’t until he was actually in the kitchen that he realized that the cafe wasn’t even open. It was Monday; how did he manage to forget about it. No work, no relaxation; now what was he supposed to do?

Scotty knew he should go upstairs and talk to Kevin but he also knew that he couldn’t go upstairs. Maybe cooking would help but what to actually cook; some comfort food would be good and he could share it with Kevin.

An idea suddenly appeared in Scotty’s head; not only was it his own unique recipe and it  always made him feel great whilst making them it was also one of Kevin’s favourite treats.

Scotty got to work; gathering the ingredients, utilises and turning on the oven. This would make everything better Scotty thought or at least hoped.


Kevin woke up roughly after an hour; he barely realized he had cried himself to sleep. Then the earlier argument came rushing back. The shouting, the kiss, the angry and the pain; there was too many emotions inside of Kevin to keep in check.

He started to hyperventilate and did the only thing him could in this situation; he got out his phone and speed dialled 2 “Mom” Kevin chocked when she answered after only one ring.

“Kevin...honey...what happened?” Nora answered; with everything going on with Kevin and Scotty she hoped that it hadn’t gotten worse.

“I screwed everything up, again” Kevin whispering; he barely believed his own words, he wasn’t even sure he had but he knew that he regretted saying the words.

“What actually happened?” Nora asked; she could never understand her children properly, they called with a problem but took ages to actually tell her what was wrong.

“I brought up the cheating; I didn’t mean too but we were arguing about me wanting children and I said a stupid thing” Kevin recalled from the earlier argument with Scotty.

“You’re planning on having children” Nora exclaimed, so excited about the fact that children were mentioned in the sentence that she failed to notice the fact that they were arguing about them.

“No, mom” Kevin said shaking his head, trust Nora to only listen to the part of the conversation she wanted to hear “I want children, I stupidly thought that it would fix all our problems; it’s Scotty that doesn’t want them” at least not now Kevin thought silently.

“Why wouldn’t he” Nora asked; they had planned to have kids anyway.

“Because it’s too soon” Kevin stated “and he’s right. We haven’t dealt with our issues properly and I thought maybe if we had children we could go back to a time before the cheating” Kevin was finally starting to realize why Scotty had been so opposed to the idea. It really was a stupid idea; they both had to want children to actually have them.

“Oh god” Kevin realized “I need to go, talk to you later” he hung up the phone and started to pace the room; how could he have been so stupid to not realize earlier. Scotty had never really felt wanted and the reason his parents had him in the first place was to help with their marriage. It hadn’t helped at all; Scotty confessed once that he believed it had made everything worse and then everything was even worse when he had come out to them.

“Stupid, Stupid, Stupid” Kevin kept repeat to him; so engrossed in his own thoughts that he didn’t realize that Scotty had come back upstairs and into their loft.


Scotty carefully packed away the surprise into a cardboard container; similar to the one that he taken with him to the pool party so many years ago, Scotty smiled at the memory; so much had happened since then and he knew that it could all still be lost.

Scotty went upstairs and carefully opened the door with one hand whilst trying to keep the box balanced. 

He walked in on Kevin cursing to himself; Kevin hadn’t even heard the door open. Scotty watched as Kevin’ continued to pace up and down by the sofa. Until Kevin realized that he wasn’t alone anymore and searched the room for the culprit of the strange feeling of being watched.

His eyes landed on Scotty “Scotty” he said staggered “how long have you been there?” he was genuinely surprised by the appearance of Scotty. So much so that Kevin forgot momentarily his depressing thoughts.

“Not long” Scotty answered honestly; he worried about whether this would be a good time to give Kevin his creation.

Kevin went over to Scotty and took the box out of Scotty’s hands, put it on the table and then pulled Scotty over to the sofa. They sat down closer together than they at previously sat in many months.

Kevin then drew Scotty into a short but hard hug before he looked Scotty in the eyes “I am so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking” Scotty was flabbergasted by Kevin’ actions but listened to Kevin “You are absolutely right; we need to be together and on the same page to have kids. I just wanted to forgot and solve all our problems so badly that I forgot about the child. We shouldn’t bring in a child into this family until we are ready. The kid needs to feel wanted and needed and not a solution that might not even work. I sorry” Kevin said honestly. Without even bringing up Scotty’ childhood; Scotty understood what Kevin meant and he was glad that he finally understood.

“But I do want children” Scotty clarified, just so that Kevin knew and he watched as Kevin started to smile “but not right now, right?” Scotty asked and noticed that Kevin not alone nodded but also didn’t loss his smile and it was infectious.

“You said children; so more than one” Kevin said slyly; he had noticed the grammar that Scotty had used and he was more than happy with the idea of two or three kids running around their place, they might even have to move to a big place. 

“I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have left like that, and I should have handled the situation more maturely” Scotty said sincerely; he should have said and fought the issue out with Kevin but then again they might not be in the same place now. Sometimes taking a break helps and then they both can realize their mistakes and the others’ opinion. Scotty wanted children so badly so he hoped that they could get through everything soon but only if it happens the right way.

“That’s okay, I was angry earlier and trying to hurt you but having some space helped realign my priorities. I promise I won’t use the cheating in an argument again” Kevin said honestly; it was wrong to use past mistakes in future or present topics.

“Don’t promise me that Kevin” Scotty replied; there was too much promise in that sentence and he knew that Kevin had every right to be angry use that anger “not now at least” Scotty continued softly. He hoped once Kevin had truly forgiven him that maybe the promise would become reality by itself.

“Okay” Kevin stated; he knew that the promise would be hard to keep with the cheating still so raw.

He looked around the room and it was only then that he noticed the box Scotty had brought in with him. He suspected that he knew what was in the box but thought he’d let Scotty have his little game with the box.

“So” Kevin slowly pronounced whilst he rotated his head leisurely “what’s in the box?” he continued coyly.

Scotty had completely forgot about the box until that point “Oh, that” he answered as they started playing a game that they had played for years now “it’s nothing” Scotty said shortly.

“Oh, really” Kevin answered, his hands inching to get hold of the box but his brain wouldn’t let him; he kept them still in his lap.

“Really” Scotty said curtly and waited for the moment they both knew were coming.

Kevin pounced on the box at a random moment as Scotty tried to stop him; before Kevin quite managed it he let Scotty grab hold of him. A tickle fight commenced with Kevin finally submitting and saying “I surrender” and waving his hands above him in defeat.

It was only then that Scotty released Kevin; slower than normally because he was enjoying being close to Kevin. He helped Kevin up and then put themselves on the sofa with the box in front of them.

Scotty started to open the box and a whiff of the cakes’ smell engulfed the room as Kevin breathed out the words “Ah, red velvet cupcakes” and when Scotty had picked up two from inside the box he handed one cake to Kevin and kept the other one for himself.

“I love you” Kevin said as he started to eat the cake; it was moments like this that he really missed.

“I love you” Scotty said; he laid his head on Kevin’ shoulder; it was moments like this that he really missed.

The quiet solitude of being with the other person that completed you; the moment that they each missed separately but together.

End of Part 11

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