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Unresolved - Part 9

Unresolved – Part 9

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Set in the episode Resolved because they still got back together too quickly on the show so I’m filling in the gaps for myself.

Beth walked into the room first; she could sense the tension between them and wondered if it was why they had arrived separately. She showed them the couch and she noticed that this time both Kevin and Scotty sat as far as part as possible. This showed that since their last meeting Scotty was now anger or at least upset with Kevin.

“So...” Beth started to speak but was immediately interrupted by Scotty.

“I can’t believe you, Kevin... you came here by yourself...” Scotty said getting anger and using his hands with a lot of movement “and I was there...waiting for you” Scotty said judging Kevin.

Kevin looked slightly nervous and guilty “I didn’t” Kevin said trying to come up with an excuse quickly but he wasn’t quick enough for Scotty.

“That is complete crap Kevin and you know it” Scotty said get angry with Kevin with every passing moment “this is all about last night” Scotty determined.

The silence was deafening and it was Beth that broke it “What happened last night?” and she looked between Scotty and Kevin. It was Scotty that answered.

“We discussed the cheating” Scotty said still angry “in every... last... detail” he said whilst he looked at Kevin; he wanted Kevin to be as hurt over last night, as hurt as Scotty was when he woke up only. Kevin flinched when Scotty said the word detail because it had hurt to listen but the morning after was worse.

“You think that’s why I didn’t want to see you” Kevin said getting anger as well “it had nothing to do with the f*cking details” Scotty moved back physically from Kevin “it was this morning; waking up next to you that hurt, the peacefully and content husband asleep; with a smile on his face. I used to love that moment but now... it... hurt me... and angered me to see you there, Scotty” Kevin said furiously “because all those moment that I loved are gone... it doesn’t matter if I’ve heard the stupid details of you cheating because I can’t see you happy without thinking of the fact... that even if it was one night... that you wanted someone else... that because you wanted attention... I can’t even enjoy the good moments anymore” Kevin said exhausted by his outbreak.

“But last night” Scotty said calming down from his anger “we said we’d get there, that we would be happy” he said getting upset.

“That was last night” Kevin countered “you said we would get there, I hoped we would but waking up beside you; with you that happy made me furious” he said hitting his fist against the couches’ side.

“Me wanting you” Scotty replied “...makes you upset?” he asked genuinely not understanding Kevin this time. How were they supposed to be; sad but together?

“No” Kevin said “I said it makes me furious” Kevin said looking at Scotty. Scotty could see the anger in his face, his eyes and his body language; it was coming off Kevin in waves.

“Furious?” Scotty said understanding that Kevin was feeling this emotion but not understanding the desire behind it.

“Kevin” Beth said and they both looked at her; it was as if Beth hadn’t existed for a moment “why does Scotty being happy make you furious?” she kept the words the same as Kevin had quoted; she knew they were important.

“Because in all of this he hasn’t had to be upset or angry or had deal with the same things that I’ve had to” Kevin explained and waited for someone to counter his statement. When no one did he continued “because in all of this; my family has stuck by him. He hasn’t had to deal with the pressure from my family to make amends” Kevin said sarcastically “To listen to all the reasons why we are so perfect for each other and that we have a great marriage. He hasn’t laid awake all night thinking about what happened and whether this marriage is even worth saving” Kevin leaned back, spent from all the emotionally talking.

“That’s not true” Scotty said quietly but slowly gained his voice “That’s not true... I lied awake last year wondering if our marriage was worth saving... before and after the cheating. I came to the same conclusion that you must have; that it is. You wouldn’t be here otherwise” Scotty stated gesturing around the “I lay awake for months after the cheating; wondering if I should tell you, trying at the same time to forget about it and trying to get you to talk about your feelings. About Michelle and the miscarriage but you block me out and there was no one else to talk to either; after the accident everyone abandoned each other. I’m glad they are here now, trying to help us because last year there was no one” Scotty said, he too was exhausted. It surprised him how much energy it took to talk about everything.

In the last few minutes Beth had learned a lot about their relationship and those around them; that they were a close family, that at some point over a year ago an accident occurred and that Scotty and Kevin were trying to have a child but they had a miscarriage. An accident over a year ago; Kevin Walker was quite a well known name, as was Scotty Wandell in the area, mostly for their work but also for their family work. Beth remembers an accident a while back that left many injured and a few fatalities; Robert McCallister had died after being in a yearlong coma. Beth presumes that this must have been the accident they were refereeing too; sometimes after an accident/incident that results in trauma the incident itself becomes a significant part of their live. That even people refer to the time before and after the incident.

“So” Beth started; maybe a slight change in the topic would be good, maybe even get down to the roots of their problems “let’s talk about the miscarriage instead” she had a feeling that the accident and the miscarriage were the real troubles and not the cheating. The cheating was a by product of their already deep troubles.

Both Kevin and Scotty look at Beth in shock; never had really thought that they would have to discuss this in the marriage sessions.

Beth continued “There’s a reason or normally more than one reason why cheating occurs; there was obvious distance between the two of you. The miscarriage is a possible reason for the distance. Not an excuse but a reason” she said the last sentence mostly to Kevin; so that the cheating issue wasn’t excused or justified.

Kevin was in clear shock but he knew that he didn’t handle the miscarriage well, that he didn’t open up but here and now the place felt safe to him “I didn’t want to speak about the miscarriage” Kevin hung his head in shame “I didn’t want to talk about the accident either” he looked side ways to Scotty and Scotty could see the truth and pain in his words “The more Scotty wanted to talk about it the more I pushed him away. I wanted to deal with it myself and then when I finally had dealt with everything; Scotty decides to confess” he says grumpily.

Everything went silent within the room at this point. This knowledge was already known by Kevin and Scotty but not Beth. The lead up to the confession by Scotty must have been hard to discuss by Kevin; particularly if he had be reserved on the subject beforehand. It must have felt like a slap in the face to Kevin.

“I knew we couldn’t start having a family if I wasn’t honest with you” Scotty said gently, Scotty realizes for the first time how much pain and courage it took to discuss something they had failed at previously. During the last few minutes both Kevin and Scotty had been inching there way together.

“Then why” Kevin started feeling complete betrayed “did you mention kids that morning; why Scotty” he turned towards Scotty and their knees scraped together; though neither moved away once it had occurred. 

“Because I wanted kids, because I wanted a family, because I wanted a future with you” Scotty rambled of a list of reasons “because I wanted to start over with you. It wasn’t until that night that I realized that I couldn’t forget want happened. That by starting a family with you I wouldn’t be erasing the past but making the future more complicated and unpredictable. We need to start afresh if we really want to have kids, have a family, we have to be on the same page” Scotty said and with all the nerves in his body he reached out and touched Kevin’ hand. When he felt no resistance from Kevin he pulled Kevin’s hand forward and held them together on their touching knees “We need to be together and strong when we have children” there was no doubt in Scotty’s mind that he still wanted to start a family with Kevin.

“Yes” Kevin sighed in defeat “You are right but I still wish that we didn’t have to be here and that we could be starting our family right now”

Beth watched the couple with intrigue; it proved that the miscarriage had been a triggering point in their relationship but also that it seemed that both of them were over the emotions of the situation. That both of them wanted a family, were ready for a family together all they had to do was move past the cheating. She believed that they could; there was a clear promise for their future together, there was still some work to be done but there was hope. She could normally tell whether a couple would make it after a few sessions observing them and how long they would take. She knew that this couple could make it and hopefully it wouldn’t take that long. The progress made today was amazing compared to their first meeting; they were holding hands and they were talking; which is a promising start.

She can see that Kevin was already starting to progress in his grief; he was starting to bargain.

“Wishing away the problem doesn’t help Kevin, I’ve already tried that; wishing it didn’t happen, praying that it wasn’t true, hoping that I’d wake up from the nightmare that I caused but I never did” Scotty said remorsefully, he slowly started to smooth Kevin’ hands with his fingers.

Kevin appreciated the gesture from Scotty; it reminded him of simpler times with Scotty “I’m not promising that I won’t get angry or upset with this but I’m trying Scotty” Kevin admitted “I just want everything like it was before”

End of Part 9

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