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Unresolved - Part 8

Unresolved – Part 8

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Set in the episode Resolved because they still got back together too quickly on the show so I’m filling in the gaps for myself.

Ah ha - live cute finally decided to work

Scotty woke up to a cold bed; he had presumed that Kevin would have still been curled up to him but obviously he was wrong. He looked around groggily; it’s later than he thought; just passed eight, he should already be in the cafe by now.

He looked down at himself; he was still wearing the clothes that he had worn yesterday and somehow it made him sleep worse than normally. Though better since Kevin seemed to be with him. His clothes were sticking to him and they were digging into his bones.

He was looking forward to waking up in Kevin’ arm; he thought they were back together, maybe not completely but that Kevin might have finally forgiven him. He sits there for a few more minutes before he decides that he needs to get up, dressed and ready for work.


Kevin had woken earlier; the sunshine was creeping through the curtains and hitting him in the face. He carefully removes himself from Scotty, so carefully; he doesn’t want to wake Scotty up. He pulls the curtains together and the room fills with darkness again. He looks at his sleeping husband; he looks peaceful now, so calm, like nothing is wrong. He is content.

Kevin used to love this moment; just watching Scotty sleep but instead it angers him; how can Scotty be so calm and content when their relationship is in shambles. Does Scotty really believe that after last night they were fixed? Kevin knows it’s not that simple.

His mind flashes back to just after Kitty’s wedding and Scotty said “just because you want something...doesn’t mean that it’s possible” he wanted Scotty back; just like he had wanted Scotty back then but with everything they had gone through was it possible or was it a fantasy.

Kevin didn’t know the answer to that question; all he really knew was that right here and now he was still so angry at what Scotty did. How is it that Scotty didn’t know that Kevin just needed time, why was it that Scotty needed attention and it made him angrier with every second he looked at Scotty. The only thing he could do was to walk away.

It was 6.30am so it wasn’t too early to get up and go look at some cases. Basically avoid Scotty with ever means possible because the truth was he didn’t think he could look at Scotty without yelling, screaming, shouting or crying in front of him.

He was right last night when he said that the emotion damage was more painful than any physical act that could have occurred.

He knew he could hide in his office for the day or at least until their appointment this afternoon; he nearly forgot about it. He would be there but he wasn’t sure if he’d turn up with Scotty though.


Scotty went downstairs to prepare for the breakfast rush; he hadn’t seen Kevin anywhere in the apartment, though once he is downstairs he could see the light shining under Kevin’ office door. So at least he knew that he was in the building but he couldn’t quite understand why Kevin had disappeared without telling Scotty, no whispers in his ear or note on the side; he’d checked.

Scotty just couldn’t understand; except... that... maybe he’d... regretted it. All they had done was kiss but if Kevin had regretted it, what does that say for their future. Scotty had wanted to talk to Kevin this morning, even before he knew that Kevin had disappeared. They needed to discuss what happened last night. To see if they were on the same page again; working together to move pass everything. Obviously they weren’t if Kevin was hiding away in his office like a few weeks ago.

He started to walk towards the office; to confront Kevin when Angie called from the kitchen; he knew that it would have to wait. The cafe needed to be open and his lateness wasn’t helping. At least they had their meeting with Beth later; confrontation would come, one way or another.


Scotty looks down again at the message that Kevin had sent to him.

Already on my way there; meet you there.

No endearment, no love, no kiss, no I miss you or see you soon. Not even a damn x. He doesn’t understand what happened between last night and this morning and he was starting not to care.

He really couldn’t understand Kevin’s behaviour; he hadn’t spoken to Scotty all day. When it came time to leave for the appointment for marriage counselling Scotty had looked for Kevin with no prevail. He had presumed that Kevin must have gone upstairs to the apartment; he wouldn’t leave without Scotty, would he?

Turns not he would. Scotty had tried to ring him but there had been no answer; he had eventually decided to text him asking him if he was even going to go there. And what had he got in return; a stupid text.

Already on my way there; meet you there.

He couldn’t help but get angry over it. Not only was it short and oh, so, not sweet but it meant that Scotty was going to be late because he was waiting for Kevin; he really couldn’t understand Kevin’ brain sometimes. Scotty hated being late; he thought it was rude and inconsiderate.

Scotty had thought that today would have been the start of them being them again; obviously he was wrong and instead of Kevin acting like a grown up and talking to Scotty about his feelings he hid and acted like a child.

At least Kevin was going to the meeting; one positive thing in the situation but in whole Scotty was starting to become furious with Kevin.

He arrived just as Beth was greeting Kevin; Scotty could see the guilt in Kevin whole body, his face and particularly his eyes. Scotty could always read Kevin like a comic book, two pages at a time and probable always will be able.

Scotty smirked at the guilt; we at least he knew he had done something wrong and Kevin couldn’t run or hid from it this time.

End of Part 8

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